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      China Railway Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd's predecessor is the Hunan Railway Construction Headquarters which established in May 1959. After that, it organized construction project with Yi Hui Railway, Li Liu Railway,Li Cha Railway,Yong Lei Railway, Chen Jia Railway,later renamed Hunan Railway Engineering Bureau,in 1992 we changed its name to Hunan Railway Engineering Company,which was directly under the Hunan transportation system. In 2008 we restructured Hunan Railway Engineering Co.,Ltd. In 2016 we reorganized China Railway Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd from with China Railway,China Bai Zhen Group,Hunan Jin Mu Tu Construction Co.,Ltd.,Hunan High-speed Supporting Co.,Ltd, Shanxi Road&Bridge Co.,Ltd., Hunan Kai Meng Road&Bridge Co.,Ltd,Hunan Railway Engineering First Co.,Ltd.,Hunan Railway Engineering No.2 Co.,Ltd.,Hunan Railway Engineering No.3 Co.,Ltd..Hunan Railway Engineering No.4 Co.,Ltd.,Hunan Railway Engineering Labor Service Co.,Ltd.,Hunan Railway Engineering Shi Liao Co.,Ltd.,Hunan Railway Engineering Shield Technology Co.,Ltd., Hunan Xiang Tie Energy Co.,Ltd., Xiang Tie International Trading (HongKong)Co.,Ltd. and several Design Institutes.

       For decades,our company has made brilliant achievements in the field of railway, highway, construction, municipal public, hydropower station, port, electrical power, airport, etc.
        Looking to the future, we will continue with market oriented, to reform as a driving force, to be a center with benefit, and vigorously promote institutional  innovation, mechanism innovation and technological innovation, in an effort to build a diversified、group of series Tiejun and strive.